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Favorites Things

February 23, 2010

favorite nail colors are gold, awesomest sparkley thing, dark navy, nudes and pinks.. nude is soo in right now but just find the right shade. i find the darker look best on the paler. but thats just from what ive seen

loove shoes. i love actual clothes more but cant complain about buying new shoes. christian louboutin is by far a fav and steve madden has great cheaper stuff. its not too late to buy boots in ny since theres more cold comin and alsoo boots looks great with dresses in the cold (with tights) and in the warmer weather (no tights!)

trends for cocktail dresses are bandage dresses (original herve leger concept), patterned, and asymmetrical. my favorite is the patterned. i love asymmetrical and that structure is flawless but the color.. ehh. for day dresses its all about flowy and big patterns. my favorite for this is the pink flower one. cutouts is also big for dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes, or really anything. tie dye is coming back but dont get too hippy on me. i like sass and bide’s dress cuz they so tie dye without being like every other tie dyed hanes shirt ive made. hope you liked my collages

love you ALL xxx-daisy <3<3

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