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February 26, 2010

Ke$ha is definetly my new favorite person. Her whole new album is abso-effing-lutely amaaazing. Kiss N Tell is soo perfect. The lyrics are HAlarious and the beat is soo good. I’m listening to it now and legit dancing in my chair. So infectious. Stephen shows that she soo not just a one hit wonder and can do soo many different things. It’s a bit slower but has another great beat and a greeeeat chorus and its completely different than anything else but still doesn’t lose her style. Blah Blah Blah is besstt lyrics on the cd – soo funny and the best dance song I’ve heard recently cept for Gaga.  I seriously think that you should buy this entiire album. its great party music and makes you want to get up and DANCE.

Besides for her aamaazing songs I’ve totally been into her fashion lately. She has this unmistaken grunge look thats so fabulous and so different. Yeah its been done before but compared to the other great woman in the music industry now shes totally rocking her own look. hope you like my outfit inspired by her. more to comee love you guys. xo – daisy <3<3<3

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