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March 15, 2010

heeey everyone. yet another rainy day. ive been meaning to write a super long post about everything and anything so here it is… today was pretty boring all i did was i went to verizon with my boyfriend and got a new phone because mine broke. itll be the same one but just it will actually workk. yaay. besides that i did nothing today which hopefully will change soon. im dedicated to getting a job and also getting this blog up and running. im really excited about it and have some great ideas.

a few weeks ago i had three interviews that i told yall about. two of which are working out. they both are craasay amazing and like an intense process. im on the third round of interviews for the personal stylist and the second for one of the magazines. ive also been going on lots of other interviews. this obviously isnt the best time to be job searching but ive found alot of interviews actually through magazines and contacts.. the hard part is actually getting the job. im really excited about these two things though. FINGERS CROSSED!! i also am pretty hopeful about this manager position at a very cool store in soho. its pretty expense clothes and getting discounts would be immensely fabulous. id only do that if these other things dont work out thoughh.. enough of this.

so i mentioned my boyfriend before and this week he is finally moving in!! im so excited. hes been in the city but not living in the same place as me because although hes also paying rent for my place, he wanted to wait to move in until all of his stuff worked out (like selling his house and stuff) and all of his furniture came. i met him in high school when we both worked at the same summer job together. then we went to college and moved away but kept a long distance relationship through it all. he was in detriot because he worked as a sports manager like manages their schedules and practices and stuff but he just got a job in new york working for a sports arena to schedule events there and so hes moving back!! we see eachother alot because he always is flying in for business or to see me and i fly out there to see him or sometimes to see family in ohio which is only an hour away by car. its been alright but weve been looking forward to living together since i was 16 which was millioooons of years 8 years ago.

alright so next topic. fashion. havent really bought new clothes recently since ive been looking for a job and currently unemployed except for the random call from an unknown newspaper to write a guest column or something. i guess ill show you my outfit today. not that faaabulous but i like how it achieves comfort and cuuteness at the same time while staying waterproof! remember all i did was reply to emails, go to verizon, and had a lunch date with friends. im actually going to dinner tonight with my boyfriend so im going to show you what i plan to wear too.

ohh idea! i think im going to do restaurant reviews. theres a ton of places in new york that is fabuulous. this weekend i went to a birthday party at this place called sweetiepie in the greenwhich village. pleease go check it out. its adorable

love you all so much for checking out my blog. please keep on visiting, tell your friends, and comment. xoxoxo – daisy ❤

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