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March 17, 2010

happy saint patrick’s day everyone! dont geet toooo drunk. we (INCLUDING ME!) have jobs tomorrow. yes i have a job. im going to be going in twice a week to this popular store’s offices in soho to do research on fashion trends. so like what’s on runways but also what stores stocks are going up and why. ill be interviewing college aged kids and also teens and young adults to make up polls and such. im suuper excited because that means that even if (and hopefully when!!) i get this other job working for the personal stylist i will have two great jobs and neither will conflict with one another because neither job is a normal 9-5 mon-fri type of thing.

other news i am thought up a great idea after doing this green themed collage. im going to do new colors or patterns every monday. if you have any questions as to what something is and who its by please comment. iloooove hearing back from you. x’s and o’sss DAISY ❤

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