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Hello All

March 23, 2010

I’m gonna start by saying TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT DAISIES. please. I’m having so much fun with this blog and working pretty hard on it and I’d love some more followers. If you are new to my blog welcome! Please go back and look at my other posts because theres some good stuff in there. Here are my obsessions for this week.

1. Layering

2. Break even by the Script

3. BEING EMPLOYED 😀 — I got two great jobs now! I’m working for a personal stylist and doing stat stuff at a boutique downtown. I am only going to talk about my personal stylist job because the other one is just working with numbers and costumers. I may ask for a poll now and then but we’ll see. Anyway, whenever I talk about my job or my boss I’m referring to being a assistant to a stylist. My first assignments are just going to be picking up designs and samples, doing fittings, and assisting at photo shoots. I’m really excited — hopefully it will teach me alot and really get my foot in the door of the fashion bizz.

4. Kittens! I think I am going to get a pet and I want a puppy but kittens are soo cute and remind me so much of the springtime.

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