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March 29, 2010

hey everyone. so i sort of want to take this blog in a new direction. please comment and tell me what you think. im thinking that im going to start to do something like The Cut. so im gonna keep on doing the collages and stuff but i also want to give more a commentary on media and fashion. im really excited about where this blog is going!!

okay so first of.. idk if youve noticed but ive started writing every single day. in every blog im gonna give a quick recap about my life and some fashion related stuff. so about my life. works been greeat. nothings really been happening thatsignificant but its been fun. we are majorly preparing for a week ahead where we are gonna do a fashion spread for a great mag and also dress an amazingly awesome actress for some event. the best thing about this job so far has just been the contacts im getting. ive met the coolest people. its freakin awesome.

now about my little rant of the day. has anyone seen the show Pretty wild? idk what to think about it. its soo entertaining and sort of captures a lifestyle that i fantasize about. doing crap modeling and being a playboy bunny. i modeled a ton in high school and a bit in california just for some extra money and was actually signed with great agencies but it wasnt a career i ever intended to pursue it was just money for college and handbags. but about these girls, they are redic!! its about an ex bunny and her three girls and their sketchy stepdad. the girls are either talking about their modeling career or the insane arrest of one of the girls for theft! however the rediculousness of these crazy ass teenagers and their partying ways they entertain me.

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