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March 30, 2010

Decided to do a color collage today. It’s a rainy day so I wanted to go with a bright fun color: PINK! Pink can look too girly sometimes, for some people, me not included. But that shouldn’t mean that it’s a no-go color for those who like edgy looks and gray tones. Lingerie can always be pink! I love that pink bra. Then again it’s a preference thing – I get it. For the edgy people reading I chose the pink jumper in the middle on the bottom because yes it’s pink but it’s so cool that everyone should be able to look past it and deal. It’s fabulous – end of story. I love the sunglasses too and I think most people would agree that they are pink but they don’t exude femininity like the pink shoes and the floral dress does. Also the top shirt really does not come across as girly; instead, it reminds me of calm summer days. As a rule of thumb, don’t get hot hot pink unless you are ultra-fem but you can try a different shade like a powder pink.

Please comment and tell me what you would like reading the best: colors, country inspirations, celeb outfits recreated, or something new! I’ve become super busy by working two jobs and I really do not have the time to make stuff that you won’t like. I’m working two fabulous jobs. The first job that I haven’t really explained in great detail is actually turning out to be so much fun! I meet with teenagers, adults, and some children to figure out what the consumer wants from this company that I work for. I show them new sketches that we are working on and I see if they are interested and after I write about new trends and stuff. I am planning on going to … PARIS!! for fashion week in June. My other job is freaking satan. She’s a genius though and I am learning so much and meeting so many great people. The problem is – I hate her.  The stylist that I am working for is so temperamental and rude. It is such a demanding job – maybe I am just not used to working like that full-time craziness but I definitely can’t do both and with the other job offering me a trip to Paris.. I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong. It’s amazing. I’m going to make a blog on Thursday that shows you about my stylist job though and my daily schedule. I think some of you will find that interesting. Anyway, thanks for reading! I love you guys so much. I’m trying to get some more readers. Got a twitter account: and also I am an active member on polyvore: . If you have any other tips how to get more followers I’d be super thankful.

thankss love you bunchess xoxoxo – daisy

oh and also tell me if you like the new theme!

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