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April 6, 2010

If you are just going to invest in three items for the summer they should be: maxi dresses, nude or white blazers, and denim jackets or denim shirts or even denim dresses. Maxi dresses are super in right now as they were last summer.I prefer patterned fabrics because that much of one color can be unflattering and too much. It can look nice though depending on accessories and if you break the dress up with a belt or if it is broken up already like in the white maxi dress above. Blazers are a great thing to have because they work in all seasons. Get a slightly wider and lighter blazer for the summer and you are all set for nights in the city. Denim is huge right now. I don’t like too much denim but a denim jacket is something definitely to invest in. If you don’t want to look too 80s try a denim dress. They are easy to find and if you are ever looking for something, comment on this and I will be sure to find it for you. Like just comment find me a zebra print dress under 50$ and I will find it.

x0xo – daisy ❤ — ps. remember tell all your friends about this site :D:D

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