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Summer Daze

April 10, 2010

This past week has been wonderful!! So warm and so peaceful. Summer is coming sooner than I ever thought. I made this set inspired by the summer and my favorite look this summer which is going to be relaxed hippie-inspired looks like denim shorts and flow-y tops. My days are getting busier and my wallets getting thicker! My boss is getting much nicer and trusting me much more. I am even doing my own project on a teen celeb photo shoot. Right now we are doing three projects: that one, dressing one celebrity for all of her premieres for this one movie, and a fashion shoot that is based on like hobo chic. I’m putting together inspiration stuff for them all right now for my homework for the weekend so I’m gonna put that up tomorrow or Monday. Stay postedd!!!

and… my house is coming together so nice! we got the contract done and everything. It’s a beautiful two bedroom. I’m re-doing the kitchen and the bathroom but that’s easy. All I’m doing in the kitchen is getting new counters and putting in a wallpaper and also I’m getting better appliances like a new oven and stove and stuff. For the bathroom we have to peel off the gross wallpaper that is fungus infested and put in a cute wallpaper that I actually found at Lowes and I’m putting in a new bath. All of this is pictured below. For the rest of the rooms (the living room, bedroom, and office) I am just decorating and not doing anything else to them. Comment and tell me if you are interested in seeing where this will go!

thanks for the support and keep reading! xoxo -daisy <3<3

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