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April 11, 2010

grunge is so in right now. im more of a bows and colors fan but balmain and sass and bide really know how to make grunge look chic. this inspiration collection is for an upcoming shoot my boss was hired to style. if i was to make this a day look id take some aspects of this look like a ripped sass and bide tee with classic denim shorts.

the next collection is for a shot that i was fortunate to be able to be head stylist on. i took inspiration from old teen vogue shoots of teen celebs like miley cyrus, emma roberts, dakota fanning, and emma watson. for this im going to be inspired by the individual but i want to have a grunge-y downtown vibe like the other shoot but girly at the same time and young without being innocent. with the crazy shoes, accent bows, glitter and leather it forms a cohesive idea of the youth of hollywood as a mature, beautiful, and stylish group of girls.

the next collection that i put together i did just to show you guys because im not allowed to show what we are actually using since most have only been on runways not in stores. i want to give you guys an idea of how we do it though and figure out the dresses for the premieres. so for the world premieres we take dresses of the runways that fit the personality and style of the actress. this actress that we are working with is young and known for her fun and innocent style. we stayed with modest dresses that had style and explored new shapes that she hasn’t worn yet — like strapless bustier dresses. the LA premiere outfits are all inspired by the city with bright colors. that pink dress would be inappropraite for her if she was not the supporting role because to show up in hot pink when you aren’t as famous as other celebrities that will be there is a “no”. for the europe premiere we are going to try those different shapes and colors because it is a time to take risks since european style caries from ours anyway.

hope you found that interesting! xoxo -daisy <3<3

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