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For New Yorkers Only (And Tourists :D)

June 3, 2010

Since summer is just around the corner, I have developed an AMAZING list of AMAZING things to do in the city for this summer. Here you go:


1. Go to the Boathouse – after a fabulous lunch go row-boating. I make sure I do this at least once because it’s not just for the romantic couples but it can be so much fun with just the girls. Besides going under a pigeon infested bridge, it is pleasant and peaceful.

2. Join a gym. When’s a better time to get fit and pay less?? In the summer so many people are leaving the city that those who stay get better deals at the gym. Gyms like NYSC actually have summer passes that aree just for us girls who want that slammin’ bikini body but we are stuck on the island.

3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge — and get gelato! Reward yourself after the long hot walk with the best gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato. It’s so worth the walk

4. Go play pool! NYMAG has the best list of great dive bars with pool tables. Check it out. Playing pool is awesome especially when its 21 and over pool 😀

5. Go to Mud for brunch. I discovered it today. The back room patio is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

6. Visit the Bronx Zoo and be a kid again or better yet, bring a kid. Not some random one but as a favor bring along your niece or nephew or even your own kid 😀 and you’ll end up treating yourself more than you’re treating them!

7. See a movie on the pier. Downtown on the West side Highway there’s always movies which are super fun to see with the girls.

8. Go to the beach! Yes, we live in New York City but a small train ridee or bus ride can get us to Jones Beach or Coney Island. And speaking of Coney Island, everyone must go on the Cyclone.

9. If you’re not a tourist, become a tourist. Go see the Empire State Building and Lady Liberty and go to Broadway. There’s a reason people do those things when they come to our city. It’s because they are amazing! So take advantage of actually living here and go check it out

10. Discover the city. Go to a section of the the city you’ve rarely been to like Alphabet City or Harlem or Battery Park City. When I was in tenth grade I made a list of all the neighborhoods and did something in each and felt so accomplished, so I am encouraging you all to do the same. Comment on this post and ask about any neighborhood and I’ll tell you great things to do there.

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