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Job Interview Part 2

June 23, 2010

I am currently at LAX and I have tooons to share! First of all, the lunch with my friends and the beach party were amazing! It makes me miss living LA but then again, I am extremely happy to go back home. The interview went so well that they hired me on the spot! I haven’t been hired on the spot like that since I was fourteen for my first job. The majority of the filming is in New York, which I was so happy to find out because now I do not have to relocate but I still will be able to fly out to LA every now and then for the next few months. It is so crazy how you can go from job-less to employed just like that.

The producers of this movie had actually found my blog when they were doing routine background checks and they asked that I keep the movie I am working on private but everything else I can share! I am so thrilled that I will be able to tell you all about what goes into styling for this major production.

So first things first, let me tell you how you even get a job like this. The first project I worked on was in Paris and it was this great French film that I had gotten through connections and I had decided to work on basically because I was in Europe at the time and needed experience working on things solo. So, for this film, it was very different because I do not know anyone connected to this movie. I heard about it through my boyfriend actually because it is a sports film and he was talking about something sporty that I tuned out. I decided to look into though because the time period was similar to the time period I worked in on the Paris film. I ended up emailing the producer and calling him a few times until he finally allowed me to meet with him and his associates. I showed them stills of the movie, ideas I had on this one, and my résumé. After that it was badda-bing badda-boom.

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